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Gigondas La Cave, a single domain

Winegrowers and winemakers...

Our winemakers and winemakers illustrate the plurality that is the strength of cooperation. Young people who settle, retire (e) s, mother / father daughter or son, full-time or multi-active, LaCave welcomes all the nuances of people and land.
Gigondas LaCave, extension of the exploitation, has set up for fifteen years an accompaniment by technicians, for a reasoned viticulture and sustainable cultural practices in order to preserve our environment, our vine growers.
From these farm visits throughout the year, or from the needs of the winemakers, the technicians advocate, advise, guide to optimize the work of the vine by respecting the specifications of the appellations.


The lands of our vine growers are present throughout the Pays des Dentelles, hence our flagship expression : « 7 terroirs, agreements in major soils ». Pebbles, gravel, silts, colluvions, safres, marls, limestone ... Garrigues at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail, each terroir produces different berries, mature maturity, from which a plot selection before harvest with the help of technicians, winemakers, and oenologists.

Beaumes de Venise
Muscat de Beaumes
de Venise

Grapes varieties

The grape variety is mainly of black Grenache and 15% minimum of Syrah and Mourvèdre for the Gigondas. The size in goblets or cordon of Royat on a wire, six coursons with two eyes in addition to the bourillon. Two other lift wires are possible.

For Vacqueyras, 60% Grenache, 27% Syrah, 13% Cinsault plus Mourvèdre. For the Beaumes Rouge, 75% Grenache, 25% Syrah. For the Muscat de Beaumes, 100% small grain muscat. For our Côte du Rhône, 60% Grenache, 15% Syrah, 15% Cinsault. For the Côte du Rhône white, mostly viognier.

From harvest to winemaking

The fully manual harvest for the vintages, brought to Gigondas LaCave, is the subject of a rigorous selection according to the origin of the parcels, the grape variety, the state of health or other criteria set up by LaCave (quality grids and remuneration). The grapes, which are 100% scraped according to the cuvées, are then vinified, reared according to the production rules specific to each PDO, PGI, Domaines and organic wine. Investment is permanent in winemaking and winery equipment. The rigorous selection of our juices after tastings and analyzes by our technical and commercial departments and the members of the council, determine the choice of blending, vinification and aging either in vats, old oak casks or new Limousin barrels. . Choice also long or short farms or bottling in one go. The goal to achieve: to reveal the full potential of our wines.

L'Equipe de Gigondas La Cave


GOUMARRE Bernard et son Conseil d’Administration


ESCLANGON Christophe :

Service Comptabilité


Service commercial


Service oenotourisme et particuliers

VEDEL Manon :

Caveau de dégustation et vente

FORESTIERI Christian :
DENIS Louis-Michel :
Pialot Anaïs : anaï
Rivière Olivier :

Service production

Bocheron Jean-Paul :
Soguel Jonathan :
Chastan David :

Maître de chai et caviste

Faure Philippe :

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